Judy’s Dresden Quilt

IMG_3394 - Copy

This is Judy’s quilt. She requested that I design an original quilt. No problem. That the quilt has a definite “fit” to her specific bed. No Problem! She wanted a quilt with dresdens to keep with her “vintage” themed bedroom since she still had the 25 yr old custom drapes she wanted to replace her worn quilt. Judy offered many challenges that I had not been presented with. An orignal design that no one else had, clean lines, and quilted with feathers for the quilting. At the time I designed this quilt I was such a novice and was able to overcome many challenges this project presented. Oh and did I mention the fabric she wanted used for the background fabric was her 25 yr old drapery fabric? I was on top of my game that day and explained that quilting drapery fabric was not something that is normally done and informed her that quilting samples would have to be done to test how the quilting would work out. So, with the design process complete and the samples approved I began quilting. Again, I was quite the novice…this was taking forever. I endured and where in retrospect I would do some things differently with the quilting-Judy remains a valued customer who makes every visitor truck up to the second floor so she can show them her custom quilt. Well it is one of a kind and still makes me happy….but then I LOVE feathers and with time they have improved greatly.

I would urge you to take a leap of faith and just quilt! I soon discovered that no quilt police sirens go off and all is good!

Thanks for visiting and Happy Quilting!

Quilt Inspiration

Where do you find quilting inspiration? Well, I gain inspiration not only from others’ beautifully constructed quilts but from pictures, nature, and all sources of media.

This is a photo that has been in my personal archives since I first began quilting. I hope that this might offer you some quilty inspiration as well. Feel free to share your quilting inspiration sources and photos. I am a long way from having the techniques in my quilting toolbox to create such a quilt but won’t it be wonderful when I do?


Quilting in the New Year

Have you set a quilting goal for 2014? What goals have you set for yourself?

I personally have set a quilting goal to quilt all the unfinished quilt tops that are just waiting for finishing touches. At last count, I have approx. 15 quilts, random sizes and all calling for their individual fabric selection for a backing. In addition to my quilting goals, I set a goal to blog and post pictures of my quilting progress at least once per week. Feel free to hold me to that number. I also have a goal to quilt 2 quilts per week, at a minimum. In addition, I set a goal to attend at least one local quilt guild meeting per month. I will join 2 once open enrollment begins in February. In addition, I plan to continue to quilt for customers as well. Please feel free to share pictures of your quilting progress and perhaps we can all be inspired in 2014.


I do hope that each of your goals are met this year. It will be prove quite productive if we set and then obtain those goals.

Welcome and Happy Quilting in 2014




I would like to welcome everyone to my new website and blog. My intention is to share the wonderful quilting designs and inspiration I am using at the present time. Quilting offers something for everyone who loves fabric art. I began quilting literally by mistake when my daughter asked me to sew her crib bedding when she was expecting her second child. I am not a seamstress at all. I took one Home Economics class in high school resulting in a wrap around skirt that was never worn. I experimented with sewing for awhile. I did not like the result of the sewing pattern I used for the crib bedding and happened upon a quilt shop. Upon entering there were sparks flying as the nice quilting lady explained that I could quilt the “sewn” bedding and get a brand new result. From there I began searching the internet and found this whole new world available to the newbie quilter. I was on fire. I began making quilt tops but was still uncertain as how to complete them. With the assistance of the world wide web and a the nice ladies at the local quilt shop I finished that crib bedding. It was still hideous in my humble opinion and swore that I would learn how to quilt. I desperately wanted to make something like what I saw on display at the quilt shop. Over the next year I sustained 3 strokes. Suddenly, I could make those quilting designs with such great ease with little to no marking. At first I was certain that everything I had learned finally clicked. No….I since have discovered that the strokes affected a part of my brain that prevented me from being artistic. The artistic inspiration exploded with me sketching animals, houses, boatyards and the like on paper. Then following the last stroke my husband gained permission to bring my cheap sewing machine to the rehabilitation center. Using the foot pedal, I regained my ability to sew and ultimately this gave me back what I needed to be able to drive again. The rest has been a historical explosion of creativity.

I soon discovered that I was in love…yes in love with the actual quilting process much more than the piecing. Soon friends and their friends were asking me to quilt their quilt tops. I still love quilting much more than piecing. Due to the strokes my comprehension and attention to detail in written instruction I discovered that I could design and pattern my own quilt top designs and complete the quilting in a rapid fashion. A new world was given to me and I am loving every opportunity to express my newfound artistic abilities. After some time, I discovered that I really had no one to share all this with. I had worked as a nurse for over 20 years and most nurses have no time for quilting at the end of the day…so I lost things in common with my previous peer group so with that this blog space was born.

My intent is to share my work with others and hopefully inspire and mentor someone else the way I was mentored by my internet quilt guild pros and pay it forward so that someone else might be hooked on quilting as I have become.

So welcome, and check back often to see things I am working on. Feel free to share thoughts and pictures of your own works, ask questions, and socialize with a group of quilting peers.

Happy Quilting